Life | New Year, New Paradigm

Have you ever actually made specific goals for a particular year? How did that end up? 

I've noticed that I've had some troubles obtaining some specific goals beyond my college years. I have never been able to obtain some goals with just a list or even mini and micro lists detailing how I will obtain each item on my macro list. So this year, I have decided to go with one word that will in essence lead me to changing my paradigm which could be the catalyst for achieving goals of previous years.

2018 will be my year of free.

That means no more arbitrary limitations that I have placed on myself for what I thought would cultivate who I am. Note: this has nothing to do with the values I hold and everything to do with the limitations on trivial things.

I think these silly changes will make a greater impact in my mindset and experiences somehow.

Let's see.

Lifestyle | Moody Glam Sofa Styling

This is an excerpt from my first living room, and sadly the only picture I have of it. This was taken in its initial stages to show the styling of the black couch on a black wall. I love how I chose to paint the wall to show subtle texture in the light and the mix of prints and texture on the couch. I never got around to adding art to this space. I was playing with the idea of buying one large canvas and painting it myself in some abstract way.

 Black couch styled against a black wall

Black couch styled against a black wall